AIBEA, the household name amongst the bank employees of our country, was founded on 20th April 1946 when India was still under British rule.  This sapling has today grown like a banyan tree, into a mighty and strong organisation, protecting and promoting the interest of the bank employees of our country. AIBEA has transformed the lives and living standards of the bank employees in the last more than 6 decades. 


From anarchy in service conditions, paltry wages and virtual slavery, today, bank employees have traveled a long distance and are enjoying better wages, enviable service conditions, job security, strong trade union rights, etc.  From a situation, where entering into the cabin of even the Branch Manager needed guts and courage, today the representatives of the employees are sitting in the Board rooms of the banks and are in a position to question the policies and functioning of the top management. 


By sheer unity, militancy, struggles and sacrifices, bank employees have advanced inch by inch and in the process built up a glorious trade union movement in the Banking Industry.


In its long journey of glorious 70 years. AIBEA achieved  10  Bipartite  Settlements.  AIBEA known  not only for safe guarding the interest of  employees but also continuously fighting for strengthening  of Public Sector Banking in India.  RED SALUTES TO OUR AIBEA FLAG AND THE ARCHITECTS & LEADERS OF AIBEA.


For further details, you may visit AIBEA official website www.aibea.in

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