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The 7th Conference of All India Andhra Bank Award Employees’ Union held on 23rd & 24th  April 2016 at Chandigarh resolve to Strengthen our beloved Andhra Bank. As an Unit of AIBEA our Union Strongly believes in the Philosophy, that the progress and well being of Andhra Bank lies in the Progress & Welfare of the Employees. The Conference notes with concern that our beloved Andhra Bank is passing through a very tough phase. The growing Non-Performing Assets(NPAs) particularly pertaining to the Large  & Mid Corporate Borrowers is severely affecting the Profitability of the Bank.

The Gross NPAs of the Bank has crossed more than Rs.9,000 crores and the Net NPAs of the Bank has crossed more than Rs.5,000 crores. The Operating Profit of the Bank is impressive but the Net Profit is coming down due to increased Provision Coverage. The Profit generated by the hard work of all the Staff Members in all Cadres is eaten away by the NPAs and the increased Provision Coverage.

As members of AIBEA, we have been participating in all the Struggles & Campaign Programs launched by AIBEA against the menace of NPAs and Corporate Willful Defaulters in the Banking Industry.

We have been demanding the Government to amend the Recovery laws and made Willful Default of Bank Loan as a Criminal Offence.   

The 7th Conference make a fervent appeal and Clarion Call to all our Members to involve   whole heartedly with the zeal & commitment in the Year-long Campaign Programme (April 2016 to March 2017) to “Strengthen our beloved Andhra Bank “.

During  this Year-long Campaign Programme, we shall involve & dedicate ourselves in :


  • Recovery of NPAs (with focus on small value NPA Accounts below 10 Lacs and Written-off Accounts).
  • Conduct Peaceful Silent - Protest programmes by holding placards \"Please Repay Your Loans\" before the Office / Residence of Wilful Defaulters.
  • Meet the Peoplese Representatives & Heads of the Institutions requesting to patronoze Andhra Bank by giving Government Business.
  • Mobilize  CASA Savings Accounts, Current Accounts & RD Accounts
  • Identify Customers of Inoperative (Dormant) Accounts and take initiative to make them Operative Accounts.
  • Increase Retail Credit by Identifying good Potential borrowers for Retail Credit i.e., Housing Loans , Vehicle Loans, Educational Loans and introduce them to the Branch Authorities.
  • Popularize all our Bank Products to the Customers across the counters and involve in cross selling of our Bank Products.
  • To take initiative to ensure that Customers Meetings (Segment-wise) are held regularly every month at the Branches.

The Conference noted with satisfaction that the Campaign Programme to Strengthen Andhra Bank and the Silent Peaceful Protest Programmes before the Big NPA borrowers Offices/ Residences. Conducted by the Union from January 2015 to March 2015 was a Great Success and Congratulate all the Members for their Participation & Involvement.

The 7th Conference resolve to implement the Year- long Campaign Programme (April 2016 to March 2017) for “Strengthen our beloved Andhra Bank “ and make it a total success.


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